Friday, January 8, 2010

How to stop oil drain plug leak after I replaced it with the factory plug&gasket but only slowed down the leak

the leak used to be a slow drip and now is a very very slow drip.i have heard about putting a little teflon on the threads? is there a proper way of doing this? if not any other suggestions?How to stop oil drain plug leak after I replaced it with the factory plug%26amp;gasket but only slowed down the leak
Putting five or six turn of Teflon tape is the best solution to stop this kind of leaks. I have this kind of leaks before. I tried a lot of different ways to fix it. Using dealers gasket, of the shelve copper and aluminum washers and Including over tightening the drain plug that cause me to re threaded the oil pan. The trick is to wrap the Teflon tape clockwise when the threaded end of the drain plug is facing you. The layers of the Teflon should be depend on how lose your drain plug is. Give it little more if you have a bad plug. put a soft fiber type of gasket onto the plug first than wrap the threads with plumbing Teflon tape. Do not over wrap the drain plug. Try to concentrate the Teflon tape at the shoulder of plug where the plug and the wall of the oil pan meet. That is here the sealing furface is. If the thread of drain plug or oil pan is badly damaged. It is a good idea to replace them.How to stop oil drain plug leak after I replaced it with the factory plug%26amp;gasket but only slowed down the leak
Look for scratches or nicks on the sealing area,if the area looks damaged you can file it flat.Use a copper washer on the drain bolt to seal it easier.
Sealing the threads would just be bypassing the problem. The seal should be the flat spot where the bolt head meets the pan. It's either damaged or you're crossthreaded. If it's crossthreaded, the right thing to do is drill, tap and use the next size bolt.
It sounds like the threads are damaged in the crankcase. Double the gaskets and make sure they are tight and that you have not cross threaded the plug.
................ another washer .....................
You have to make sure you put the teflon tape on counterclockwise so that when you tighten the plug it stays in place. You only need maybe 6-8 wraps of the tape. If that doesn't do the job then you could try a thread chaser but more than not you will probably have to replace the pan! Sounds like someone cross threaded it some where along the line!
id say the threads are shot and its time for a new oil pan my friend
Make sure its your oil drain plug. Could be pan gasket and the leaks drip down to the plug so it just appears that the plug is leaking. Here is a great trick. Take a vaccuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Wrap a rag over the suction end and pull the drain plug. This will stop oil from leaking out of the car when replacing the drain plug.

Also, if you have had your oil changed at Jiffy Lube or something then chances are they will replace it for free.
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